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Farm to Table Ingredients

Quapaw Tribe adds fresh produce, herbs and the highest quality beef to their food outlets.

The Quapaw Tribe's agriculture program brings the farm to the table. With ever growing demand for organic, locally sourced menu items, the tribe is committed to sourcing fresh, healthy products for their restaurants. The Quapaw's robust agricultural program is clearly more than a marketing tool. It reflects a deeper commitment to quality and human connections. 

Quapaw Cattle Company produces the highest quality, hormone-free beef. We use safe and humane practices in raising and handling our animals. Quapaw Cattle Company is proud to offer Choice, Choice Plus and Prime Beef. Quapaw Cattle Company processes its beef at USDA-inspected facilities and USDA inspectors grade the beef. Our cattle company produces all of our beef products for Red Oak Steakhouse, Legends Sports Bar, Buffalo Grille, Wa-Ne-Bée-Déa and many of the products in our Spring River Buffet. Some of these products are also sold throughout Oklahoma and the surrounding four state area. We take great pride in offering you Quapaw Cattle Company Beef.

To add to the homegrown experience at Downstream, we also have five greenhouses, all within an easy stroll of the casino-hotel. Much of the herbs used in our restaurants are grown in these greenhouses along with the produce used in the Red Oak Steakhouse. No pesticides are used in the greenhouses. The fresh produce and herbs have proven to be a hit with the chefs and diners at our Red Oak Steakhouse. It's one more thing that sets us apart from everybody else. The difference in flavor is evident.

Our on-site harvested honey will be used in our restaurants as well. Our beehives have produced over 75 gallons of honey so far this year.